How it All Began—Our Idea Of Gourmet Chocolate.

Terri and Barbara started their company in 2007. Originally they started with professional candy bars and baskets. One day, they realized gourmet chocolate should be more. Terri, Barbara and their team worked over a year to find the right combination. Today they are dedicated to serving their customers with a delicious piece of creamed liquor chocolate.

Indulge Like Royalty

Our Royal Collection of Chocolates are made using only the best and most expensive top shelf liquors. Each chocolate candy is a masterful blend of whipped liquor filling, resulting in a flavor unique to BaTer Chocolates.

You literally can’t eat just one.

Our Chocolatiers...

Our team of chocolatiers are always creating new flavors. Not all of these flavors make it into final production, but the ones that do are nothing less than a work of art that perfectly blends the best dark chocolate with the highest quality liquors. We never compromise on quality as we believe that eating our chocolates should be like a royal experience. We feel honored our flavors are unique and compliment any occasion. We love our chocolate and know that you will too.

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